“The Best of Times, The Worst of Times”

by debsmoviereviews


Deb’s Review:  Sheer movie-making magic!  Based on a true story, this movie managed to capture the look and feel of the times, as well as brilliantly merge an event during the Iran hostage crisis, the CIA, and Hollywood straight to winning a dizzying array of Academy Awards in my opinion.  Just FYI:  Ben Affleck directed, produced, and delivered a star-studded performance.  He succeeded in acting even better than he looked…no small feat!  A must-see!  Note:  Stay a bit longer to see footage of actual people and events.

Anna’s Review: Absolute perfection! If this movie doesn’t win an award in ANY category, something is wrong!


Deb’s Review:  Hmmm let’s see….what should have been our first clue on a possible awful movie….maybe the title having the word psychopaths in it!?!  In our defense, the previews made us hopeful for possibly a quirky, funny, “Quentin Tarantino-esqe” type movie.  The first scene of about 3 or 4 minutes might have qualified.  I cannot even describe what then (to my horror) ensued.  Mostly because I couldn’t even look….but suffice to say it was totally twisted and the bizarre-est of bad bad stuff.  I looked at Anna and said, “I CANNOT take this!”….(not to be dramatic)….so we left and walked as fast as we could out of the theater.  Sometimes we have to take ‘one for the team’….but not in this case.  Makes you really appreciate the good movies though!

Anna’s Review: While I was a bit more tolerable than Debbie, I must admit we left after 30 minutes. We knew going in it was going to be either really funny or really bad, well… it was definitely really bad. I chuckled a time or two but the stupidity of it all and the filth overruled any type of enjoyment I may have gotten. AND if I heard Colin Farrell say “girlfriend” one more time, I was going to hurl.




Disappointed. I LOVE Kat Dennings and Josh Lucas is always nice to look at, but something about it just wasn’t good. I hate to say it’s “Not Recommended” because it beats LOL by far! Just wish it would have been better… Sorry, Kat.


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Creator- Debbie Tyson

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