A Weekend of Sets

by debsmoviereviews

This weekend, Heather and I ventured to Atlanta for a moment of Broadway, off Broadway. CHICAGO! It’s been one of my favorite musical for years and continues to amaze me every time! (If you’ve never seen the jazz musical containing murder, scandals and a woman named Roxie, you need to ASAP!)

Sunday, before leaving the city that gives us such joy, we researched the filming of “Catching Fire” and caught a glimpse of the reaping set. Due to “No Trespassing” signs and a not-so friendly looking security guard (pictured bottom left), we couldn’t get as close as we would have liked to.

We then made our way to Sandy Springs (home of the Salvatore brothers). Unfortunately, the road leading to the house was blocked by a large gate and as tempted as I was to ram it, I refrained and started my journey towards Covington, GA… where all of The Vampire Diaries magic occurs.

Our first stop was Elena & Jeremy Gilbert’s house! The actual house is currently for sale if one is interested in moving…


Funny enough, Heather’s car actually BROKE DOWN in front of the Gilbert’s home, so we were there a while 😉

Once a sweet (but rough looking) man named Mikey jumped us off, we made a quick right on to East St. where my favorite hybrid, Tyler Lockwood, resides.


We also found Isobelle’s house (Elena’s biological mother) and found the graveyard where many scenes of TVD are shot.


We tried to find Caroline’s, Gram’s and Matt’s house but since we only had pictures of the houses and not physical addresses for these particular places, they were hard to locate. We DID however find the infamous Mystic Grill!


The Mystic Grill was definitely my favorite part of our trip. While it is not a real restaurant, it was fun seeing the stairs where a certain Original was killed and seeing messages from TVD fans written on its windows. It made the experience of being in Mystic Falls complete! 😀


For those interested, there is a “Mystic Falls Tour” that takes place in the city of Covington. The tour includes seeing the exterior of all of houses used in filming (excluding the Salvatore mansion) and admission into the Lockwood Manion and the high school. Cost is $55.

See You At The Movies!!

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