The Odd Life of Timothy Green

by debsmoviereviews


DEB’S REVIEW:  I feel like ‘Scrooge’ saying anything bad about this movie but as sweet as it was at times….and as hard as all the actors were trying….key word here ‘trying’…..this movie was thinly scripted and the acting was not very good….a razz award could be given for “overacting”! )-: Sorry!  On the plus side, the young boy cast in the movie was wonderful.  The movie was harmless and had its moments….sweet….happy….sad….(insert teary eyes here).  A movie that means well but just can’t quite pull it off…for me anyway.  I had to ‘overtry’ a bit to like it.

ANNA’S REVIEW: I remember seeing the previews for this movie and thinking it would be cute. And that’s definitely what it was. The little boy is precious and stole the show (Sorry Jennifer and Joel). It’s worth watching once (maybe twice) but I doubt I will ever buy it.

P.S. We did cry.


Creator- Debbie Tyson

Creative Consultant- Anna Lipsey