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1.  Do not kick the back of my chair.   I will ask you politely to stop (this usually constitutes a hate stare and/or said person talking about me with their friends)…which also can risk the guilty party kicking harder….which is then cause to move and find a different seat if necessary.  And “Yes” you are kicking my chair! Whateva!

2.  Do not use your cell phone constantly during the movie….(during previews is acceptable!!)  The light is very distracting to nearby moviegoers…in some instances causing me to hold up my purse or jacket or whatever to block said light.   I am the ‘queen of texting’….but once the movie starts….my phone is in my purse on silent!! C’mon…either watch the movie with the rest of us….or leave….RUDE! 

3. Do not talk during the movie (occasional comments are ok-sometimes you just can’t help it).  Moving to a different seat is appropriate if it is clear the guilty parties are not going to get quiet…(me and Jenna at War Horse).  An unhappy glance in their direction is appropriate if you feel comfortable doing so.  I am not at all opposed to summoning a manager as a last resort if necessary.  Gotta do what you gotta do!

4.  Quietly talking with your peeps during previews is ok!  But it is way uncool to SHHHHHHH-ish adjacent moviegoers (me and Jo at Bridesmaids) who are  chattin’ it up before the movie actually starts!  Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt until the movie starts….so calm down….’professional’ moviegoers such as ourselves do NOT talk ‘during’ the movie! Geez!

5.  Do not use a red light pen on the screen during the movie.  I will get the manager to find you and stop you.  Get over yourselves….NOT funny at all! L-O-S-E-R-S!

6.  For Hollywood to ‘never’ make a movie that is so bad that you are forced to say out loud, “This is a movie for “NOBODY”….(me, Jenna, Marsha & Jake at In Time).  For Hollywood to ‘never’ make a movie that is so bad that you just take a nap till it is over AND be happy about it even though you spent $10 to see it! (me and Deanna at The Artist)…..Misery does not always love company!

7.  Do not scream at someone across the theater to “shut up” and then that person screams back their choice words at them to shut up….(insert curse words at any point here)…then near pandemonium ensues…..all while the movie is going on…..and (me and the ‘not drunk or redneck’ other people in Mugs & Movies)…..want them ALL just to shut up so we can watch the movie! Why can’t we all just get along? 

8.  Do not ask a person (me at The Vow) who is in a full leg brace with crutches beside me and my leg propped on a seat in front of me on a pillow….to move over so they can sit down…. as ‘they’ come in looking for a seat after the previews have already started…and then have an ‘attitude’ when I can’t move!  Hint:  Come earlier!!!  Seriously?

9.  For Mangers:  Do not ask those (who have been to a ‘marathon movie event’  and watched ALL the Twilight movies back-to-back-to-back and are seated in a stadium seating theater in what we deem to be the best seats in the house….waiting for Breaking Dawn Part 1 to start)….to  “move over” to make room for people who got there AT midnight for the midnight showing…(me, Anna, and Charish at Breaking Dawn Part 1) Hint:  seats down in the front people.  That is just WRONG on so many levels!

10.  Do not interrupt a movie with 30 minutes to go and evacuate twelve theaters with a fire alarm blasting (me and Anna at Contraband)…scaring us to death…..and then discover burned popcorn in the popcorn machine.  Hint:  you might want to check that first before a twelve theater evacuation, numerous law enforcement officers and three fire trucks arrive on the scene!  H-E-L-L-O! 

11.  Do not let the air vents blow misty-like (creepy) smoke into the theater during a scary movie (me….by myself….at The Sixth Sense) and then you aren’t sure if it is part of the movie….and then you are told to go to the lobby…then you find out it was the air conditioning units condensing…blah blah blah….Really? Really?

12.  Do not start the movie Robin Hood at the midnight showing of  Twilight Saga: New Moon…(me and Anna) unless you want a riot….just sayin’! 

13.  Do not leave all the lights on for the entire movie….just don’t! ‘enough said!

14.  Do not ask me if I want to get a larger drink and larger popcorn at a bargain price!  Deal of the century!  NOT! Do you not know how many movies I come to?  Do you not know how many calories are in that bag of popcorn.  Back off! and just give me a small popcorn….no butter….a medium diet coke with a LOT of ice…Yes a LOT of ice….and we are good!  Straws in the dispenser occasionally would be awesome as well.  Many thanks!

15.  Do not have the temperature so cold in the theater (I never leave home without a blanket but my friends don’t always listen to me-hello Nancy and Anna)…that people are covering up their faces with their shirts, etc. and/or I go to my car to get extra jackets and blankets so my friends don’t freeze to death!  No wonder concessions cost so much…we are paying (what has to be a ridiculous) power bill!  Check the thermostats anyone?  

16.. Do not have the theater too hot…but that is rarely the case at the iceberg Carmike 12 in the ‘Boro…however….I did receive advance warning once that the air conditioner was not working in a particular theater I was entering….during the summer….in case  I wanted to choose another movie.  Duh?

17.  Carmike 12 staff:  Continue to give me my ticket ‘for free’ when the ticket machine messes up.  The cashier just looked up and saw it was me and said, “go ahead-you see a lot of movies here-the movie is on the house!”  Works for me!  Woo Hoo

18.  Do not expect to be comfortable in the chairs at The Backstage Cafe (formerly Mugs & Movies).  It is an awesome concept….waiters will take your order for your dining pleasure:   appetizers….entrees….sodas….alcoholic beverages….a beverage of this ‘nature’ adds to the fun….and can only help if the movie sucks!! (me  & Alan and Connie & Tom drowning our sorrows at The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-worst movie ever!).  So expensive and the chairs are so uncomfortable…you have to really want some alcohol!!!!  Has anyone that works there ever sat in one of those chairs I wonder? Hmmmm 

19.  Do not have a theater employee come tell me halfway through a movie that there is a torrential rain storm outside and the roof is going to leak on me where I am sitting (me at Prometheus)…are you kiddin’ me?  Wait….that was a good thing…cause when I got up to move all my stuff….I decided it was a good time to just keep on keepin’ on to my car…right as they were going to….**spoiler alert**….deliver an alien baby by C-Section!  See ya wouldn’t want to be ya!

20.  Do not talk the entire movie (and in addition) do not have a clue what is going on in the movie Breaking Dawn Part 1…and then say something stupid like …”DAT DAT WOOF”?” when  Taylor Lautner comes on the screen…. This is the fourth movie people!?!   Yes! ‘Twilight for Dummies’….Jacob is the werewolf!!   (Larsen and Larisa at Breaking Dawn Part 1 in Columbus, GA).  Story told by Larsen!  Hilarious! (-:

Note:  Anna and I love our Carmike Cinema 12….where we can experience the ‘Magic of Movies’….(technical difficulties and all the craziness sometimes)….of going to the movies in the ‘Boro!  We appreciate the extremely nice (and patient) managers and staff!  Just sayin’  (-:   


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